Last Sunday

In John 6:16-21, the disciples of Jesus were out in a storm on the rough and dark sea, and Jesus walked on water to get to them. This is an account that could incite different reactions from different people, but one reaction is the most important. Jesus himself reacts to the surroundings, and the seven words he says change everything. “It is I; do not be afraid” (v. 20). Jesus is claiming that the antidote for the disciples’ fear is knowledge of himself, not relief from the storm. Deeper than this, Jesus is claiming to be the God of the whole Old Testament! For more on how the words of Jesus could mean so much, spend a little while listening to the sermon from Sunday.

Tad’s Testimony

This past Sunday, one of our three elder candidates shared his testimony with the church! Read Tad’s testimony here. You can also read the letter from the Transition Team about the process of moving toward eldership, our bylaws, the qualifications of elders, and the ministry of elders as you pray, stay informed, pursue, disclose, and affirm.

New Connection Classes

New classes start this week! Connection Classes are an opportunity for anyone to come and learn more about what the Bible says about certain topics integral to the Christian walk. Whether or not you are a Christian, we’d love for you to join us as we explore Finding God’s Will at 9:30am and God’s Church God’s Way at 11:15am. This is a great time to get to know the Bible better, understand authentic Christian living, and meet others at the church.

Thanksgiving Offering

The church body is the ultimate gift from God in helping us live out our salvation. We are not called to live the Christian life in isolation! Have you been blessed by someone in the church body this year? Have you noticed a way that God has used the fellowship at Church on Mill to grow and mature you? If you’re a member of the church, we hope you’ll spend time praying about giving a special thanksgiving offering sometime this November in light of the ways God has used the church in your life. Give online here or simply give your Thanksgiving Offering during our normal offering time. May we remember the sacrifice of Christ’s blood as we sacrifice the finances given to us by God.