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Church on Mill exists to glorify God through lives changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our internship and residency programs are ways our church family desires to be used by God to give emerging Christian leaders early, positive experience in local church ministry.

In the vast majority of cases, churches go as their leaders go; therefore, far from the periphery, training future pastors, missionaries, and ministry leaders is an essential duty of every local church. You see, godly leadership is the critical component in the health or lack of health in churches. Paul put it like this, “…what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2 Timothy 2:2).

We seek to develop faithful men and women for gospel-centered ministry. The training of men and women for God-glorifying, self-sacrificing leadership must address not only rich biblical theology, but also ministry competency and godly character as well. We joyfully welcome new interns and residents every August (and sometimes in January too) to help men and women grow in Christ-like character, Christ-like competence, and a Christ-centered grasp of the Bible.

Program Goals

Our internship and residency programs are designed to equip and launch gospel-centered pastors, missionaries, and ministry leaders for a lifetime of faithful ministry. The purpose of these ministries is not to build our staff, but rather to train and release leaders for other churches. Through study, observation, mentoring, and participation, you’ll gain an inside look into vocational ministry. We seek to be a safe place to grow for God’s glory.


Our church campus is located across the street from Arizona State University and in the middle of downtown Tempe, providing significant opportunities for various types of gospel work. You may be prepared to serve as an intern or a resident. More information on each type of role is provided below.

Interns commit to a short-term (2-6 months) volunteer position, spending several hours per week serving in a particular area of need in the church. The intern position is designed for personal growth, exploration of a call to vocational ministry, and early mentoring for future ministry. Internships are often people’s first exposure to observe church leaders while gaining critical serving experience. Some reading is part of the internship, but most hours are spent being mentored and serving in ministry under careful supervision. More particulars on internships are available here.

Residents commit to one year of serving in a 20 hour per week to full-time capacity as members of the Church on Mill staff. Residency provides an opportunity to grow in a specific calling to vocational ministry and more advanced mentoring. Residents grow theologically, in character, and in ministry competencies through a purposeful blend of reading, reflection, observation, mentoring, and ministry experience. Residents are compensated with free housing on the church campus, all utilities, and study materials.

While anyone considering any long-term ministry position may apply, we are particularly equipped to train Lead Pastors/Elders, Associate Pastors, Collegiate Leaders, and Missionaries. Unless you are already out of college and have significant volunteer ministry experience, we suggest you first serve in an internship before applying for a residency. More particulars on residents are available here

Internship Specifics
Residency Specifics

Seminary Credit

Phoenix Seminary allows Church on Mill to serve The Gospel Coalition Arizona by being a host site for the Ministry Apprenticeship Alliance (MAA) for all TGC AZ member churches. You may be able to earn seminary credit during your internship or residency at Church on Mill or even by serving in a similar capacity at your current church while taking classes at Church on Mill. More details on seminary credit are available on the internship and residency information pages as well as on this page, which is especially helpful to pastors and leaders interested in learning more about how their church can participate in the Ministry Apprenticeship Alliance.

If you would like to take the next step and apply as a resident or intern at Church on Mill, download the application or contact us.