Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday

Do you feel needy? Every few hours we are reminded of need as humans. As soon as our stomachs grumble, we are subconsciously aware that we need to take in from an outside source of nourishment to sustain our physical lives.  Though we don’t think about it much, we don’t sustain our own lives; food does. This physical need points to the reality that we are also dependent spiritually on an outside source and substance. Life is not sustained by us, and there is but one solution to our spiritual need. There is one source of fulfillment. One substance we can take in. Jesus! He is bread in a land where not another ounce of nourishment is available. He is the source and substance in the desert. He is the only hope of life, eternal life, for every person on this planet. Pray that the Father would show each person who listened or will listen to last Sunday’s sermon their need. Pray that they would know their need and feast of the Bread of Life.

Randy’s Testimony

This past Sunday, the second of our three elder candidates shared his testimony with the church! Read Randy’s testimony here. You can also read the letter from the Transition Team about the process of moving toward eldership, our bylawsthe qualifications of elders, and the ministry of elders as you pray, stay informed, pursue, disclose, and affirm.

Thanksgiving Picnic

Join us, along with any and all of your friends, this Sunday for our Thanksgiving Picnic at Daley Park at 3:00pm. We’ll have tons of Turkeys to feast upon, plus whatever sides you and your families would like to bring! Kids and adults alike will enjoy planned games. Be ready to meet and enjoy getting to know people different from you, as we pray and hope the picnic will bring us many new Tempe faces from the neighborhoods around the church property. This simple event gives our church family an opportunity to show Tempe that COM wants to be engaged in our community and in the lives of those around us. For updates and news on this event, other events, and our church family, be sure to like Church on Mill’s Facebook page.

With joy in Christ,