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Ruth 1:22-2:17 What a beautiful story we read in the scriptures last week. Ruth, a woman broken and alone after the death of her husband, finds herself a sojourner gleaning in a field for scraps [...]

Three Ways

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Dear Church Family, Last Sunday Hardship always bring with it an opportunity and a danger, an invitation to grow or to shrink. Last week in Ruth 1:6-22, we saw three women respond to incredible hardship [...]


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Dear Church Family, Ruth 1:1-5 Last week we started a new series in Ruth. Ruth is a great book dealing with questions like, "Can we trust God?" "Can we actually count on him when things [...]


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Dear Church Family, Matthew 24:36-51 Last Sunday Pastor Tad took us through Matthew 24:36-51. In this passage Jesus reminds us to be mindful and faithful as we await his return. Jesus tells us that two [...]

Soul Watch

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Dear Church Family, Last Sunday Last week Pastor Chuck preached from Matthew 18:15-20. In these verses, Jesus calls the church to take an active role in the discipleship and discipline of its members. We are [...]


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Dear Church Family, Matthew 26 Last week we observed Jesus institute the Lord's supper in Mathew 26. Pastor Chuck first took us back to the Passover in Exodus and reminded us how God instituted the [...]


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Last Sunday We are three weeks into our series, Jesus on Church. So far we’ve seen from the gospel of Matthew that the church is a distinct people with kingdom values who rightly confess the [...]


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Hello Church Family, Mathew 16 This week in our sermon series "Jesus on Church", we walked through Mathew 16. Jesus asks the disciples,"Who do you say that I am?" This is the most important question [...]


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Dear Church Family, Last Sunday In Matthew 5-7, Jesus gives his most famous sermon in which he describes the kind of people that belong to his kingdom. They are a distinct people—a people who stand [...]


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Dear Church Family, Psalm 12 Last week Pastor Chuck took us through Psalm 12, a psalm of lament about the purity and protective power of God’s word. What can we do in a culture where [...]