We Gather

Join us on Sundays at 9:30am or 11:15am

All of life is worship. Every moment of every day human beings ascribe value, glory, and commitment to something or someone. The Christian conviction is that God alone is worthy of such worship. Our great obligation and joy is to live daily in light of who God is and what God has said and done. Honoring, knowing, enjoying, being changed by, obeying, trusting, talking about – worshipping God – this is our great pursuit.

One bedrock of a life of worship is the Sunday gathering of God’s people. We gather around God’s word to adore and thank him. This celebration reminds, encourages, and propels us to embrace our Creator, Savior, and King as we are refreshed with the gospel anew. The gathering informs and promotes lives of biblical worship in the stuff of everyday life. So, we start every week by getting together as a whole church to sing, pray, read Scripture aloud, give, and hear God speak through the preaching of the Bible. (Each gathering is identical in all components and casual in terms of attire.)

The overall shape of the gathering is a reflection upon and embodiment of the gospel. We aim for our pattern of worship to intentionally and intelligibly rehearse the gospel. We seek to re-experience the truths of the gospel together as we progress together. This narrative is the story we tell as we contemplate and feel the greatness of God, the weight of our sin, and the wonder of the grace of God shown to us in Christ. As we move through the grand narrative of the Bible together we internalize, yet again, the greatest story ever told!


Fellowship 10:45-11:15

Join us for a time of church fellowship in between gatherings each Sunday.