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By |2019-07-17T13:52:41-07:00July 17th, 2019|News|

Church family, Last Sunday At just the right time, Abigail stepped into David's life as God's way of protecting David from "working his own salvation" during an agonizing time of waiting for God to [...]

An Encouragement to Pray

By |2019-07-16T14:46:11-07:00July 16th, 2019|Highlights|

Few words conjure up as many strong emotions as this word – prayer. Guilt and joy, frustration and elation, privilege and responsibility, to name just a few. The fact that the maker and sustainer [...]


By |2019-07-10T10:20:53-07:00July 10th, 2019|News|

Brother and Sisters, Last Sunday David took refuge in God, so he found the mercy of God. As he ran from Saul, he found a God who loved him and was faithful to him. [...]


By |2019-07-03T10:20:36-07:00July 3rd, 2019|News|

Church Family, Last Sunday Each day, we have voices coming at us from a thousand places that say they can give us security and satisfaction. We are told by money, by relationships, by hair [...]

Summer Mission Trips

By |2019-06-06T14:52:43-07:00June 6th, 2019|Highlights|

Revelation 7:8-10 (ESV) “After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the [...]

Three Ways to Budget

By |2019-03-07T13:52:22-07:00February 11th, 2019|Dat Dough Tho, Highlights|

What would you do if you had a million dollars? Would you spend it on the true desires of your heart, or would you just let it disappear with no plan? This may surprise [...]

Creating an Emergency Fund

By |2019-03-07T13:50:54-07:00January 28th, 2019|Dat Dough Tho, Highlights|

It is a very common experience: you are just starting out—you dreamed of the day you’d have a full-time job's income, but already your salary feels too small to save or give. Or perhaps [...]