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  • Refuge

    Ruth 1:22-2:17 What a beautiful story we read in the scriptures last week. Ruth, a woman broken and alone after the death of her husband, finds herself a sojourner gleaning in a field for scraps [...]

Three Ways

October 10th, 2018|0 Comments

Dear Church Family, Last Sunday Hardship always bring with it an opportunity [...]


October 3rd, 2018|0 Comments

Dear Church Family, Ruth 1:1-5 Last week we started a new series [...]

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Dear Church Family, Matthew 24:36-51 Last Sunday Pastor Tad took us through Matthew 24:36-51. In this passage Jesus reminds us [...]

Soul Watch

Dear Church Family, Last Sunday Last week Pastor Chuck preached from Matthew 18:15-20. In these verses, Jesus calls the church [...]


Dear Church Family, Matthew 26 Last week we observed Jesus institute the Lord's supper in Mathew 26. Pastor Chuck first [...]


Last Sunday We are three weeks into our series, Jesus on Church. So far we’ve seen from the gospel of [...]


Hello Church Family, Mathew 16 This week in our sermon series "Jesus on Church", we walked through Mathew 16. Jesus [...]


Dear Church Family, Last Sunday In Matthew 5-7, Jesus gives his most famous sermon in which he describes the kind [...]


Dear Church Family, Psalm 12 Last week Pastor Chuck took us through Psalm 12, a psalm of lament about the [...]


Dear Church Family, Last Sunday It was great to have Pastor Chuck back with us after his 4-week sabbatical of [...]


Dear Church Family, Last Sunday Have you ever experienced a time where you felt God was silent or distant from [...]