Sisters and Brothers,

Erik Naylor, our Executive Director of Collegiate Ministries, preached for us last Sunday on Acts 23:12-35. The theme of provision shone brightly through the message. If you live in broken days, listen in on our website or YouTube. Be sure to check out the Q&A with Erik and Pastor Chuck.

Membership Class

The work of Christ reconciles us not only to him, but also to all who are in him. This truth explodes the idea of solitary Christianity and  gives us the gift of an entire body of believers walking with us. The next two Saturdays, we’ll have a two part class from 9-12 to invite people to learn more about God’s vision for his new people and how we live that out here at Church on Mill. Email here to RSVP for a visitor or yourself.


Please ensure you sign up for next Sunday ASAP. Catch the last week of this round of Connection Classes (links on website homepage) and start deciding whether you’ll attend God’s Church God’s Way or Finding God’s Will in our next round. Finally, you can always give in the black boxes in the back of the auditorium or online.

One in Christ Jesus with you,