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Brothers and Sisters, Last Sunday, Brandon Reimus, our Director of Christian Challenge, preached on Acts 18:18-28. Brandon taught us that we all are in need of correction as we seek to better understand the [...]


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Brothers and Sisters, Pastor Chuck told us of men who were beaten for Jesus, walked away, and rejoiced, proclaiming his name all the more. How could this possibly be their reaction? Listen in here [...]


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Church Family, It is a tremendous privilege to be a part of a church family caring so well for one another in this time of the unexpected being what is most normal each day. [...]


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Brothers and Sisters, What is your responsibility in burden bearing? What is the responsibility of the Christian community? How do we know when we are to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps to do [...]


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Dear Church Family, Matthew 24:36-51 Last Sunday Pastor Tad took us through Matthew 24:36-51. In this passage Jesus reminds us to be mindful and faithful as we await his return. Jesus tells us that two [...]

Bible Reading Plan Bookmarks

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All three years of our Bible Reading Plan Bookmarks are now available on the greeting table in the back of the auditorium. On the front, these bookmarks each hold a simple prayer pattern based off [...]

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