Brothers and Sisters,

On Sunday, Chuck shared the text of Acts 21:17-22:29, in which we find the vivid testimony of Paul. At the end, he declares that the gospel must go out to everyone – and a riot ensues. Where is the great controversy? Listen in with the sermon video or audio and be sure to catch the Q&A. Sign up for next Sunday, as well.

Members Meeting

As a church family, we sit under the preached Word of God each Sunday. In addition to that, we have a number of things we must fulfill as a church family that take place in another context: Members Meetings. One of these crucial times is coming up this Sunday at 6:00pm. Plan to come in person by signing up here. If your health is such that you are still isolated from everything, note that this meeting will be offered via Zoom for you.

Children’s Classes

If you have a child aged 4-years-old through 5th grade, we are thrilled to again have Bible teaching available for your kids during the sermon. We pray that the Lord’s hand is on each child’s mind that they may understand his gospel in part through this time together.

We continue to fulfill the one another’s of Scripture during a year of turmoil. May we never cease to show Christ to one another, upholding the faith of our brothers and sisters.

Your sister,