Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday, Pastor Chuck spoke on Acts 28:1-16, which tells the story of a battered Paul encountering more gospel opportunities because of his difficulties. When you are going through trials, are you ever able to testify through the pain of how God is sustaining you? If not, that’s understandable…but it’s time to listen in via YouTube. We also have a Q&A up.

Members Meeting

Around the family table at our Members Meeting, we celebrated three new members and the mutual commitment we have made with them to be Christ’s body at Church on Mill. We added Dan Koury as the Deacon of Financials, who will serve by organizing a team of background-checked members to count and deposit our offerings into the bank. Finally, we also voted in the proposed budget, funding the ministry needs of the next year.

To sign up for Sunday’s Gatherings, click here. If you need a way to contribute your offering, you can do so here.

May we rest today in God’s unchanging self that lavishes us in grace and peace even as the world changes each moment around us.

Your sister,