Church Family,

Last Sunday, Shing Chow, a Campus Missionary with Life Among the Nations at Church on Mill, brought us a sermon from Acts 28:17-31. In fact, he wrapped up the entire book of Acts! We saw the gospel reach “the ends of the earth” (Rome), and we saw how this same gospel is the one that comes with power to transform us and the ends of the earth today. Listen in on YouTube or on our website, and don’t forget to catch the Q&A.

Christmas Mini-Series

God With Us. This is an unbelievable concept to anyone who thinks on it for more than a few seconds. And that’s what Emmanuel means: God with us. And he wasn’t just with the world for 33 years, but is actually with us today. His presence changes everything. Join us this Sunday the 20th (sign up) and on Christmas Eve at 6:00pm (sign up) for this mini-series.

As our Savior came not to serve but be served, may we serve one another well during these Christmas days. May others see the heart of Jesus for them through our love.

Your sister,