Sister, Brother, Listen Closely:

You belong to God. You are his servant. It will be as he has said. These words mean the world. Pastor Chuck spoke them to us as he preached on Acts 27:1-44. Listen via our website or fast forward in the livestream from Sunday…just don’t miss this sermon. Sign up for this week’s Gatherings here.

Members Meeting

For years, we’ve been establishing our church body on the solid foundation of what the Word of God says it is to be. This Sunday at 6:00pm in the Auditorium, our Members Meeting will mark a definitive point in us living even more fully to this end. If you are vulnerable, this meeting will be offered via Zoom.

As we begin December, may we do so with hearts cut open wide, yearning for Immanuel, God With Us, to fill us with renewed love for himself.

Your sister,