Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday

Pastor Chuck taught us that in David’s dependence and obedience on God, God gave him incredible fruit. Then, instead of hoarding what God gave him, David promptly turned to generously give to many. How in the world can we emulate this attitude? Only through our own dependence on the provision of King Jesus. Learn more from the sermon on 1 Samuel 30:6-31.

Disciplemakers Launch Night

Disciplemakers equips every Christian to understand their identity as a disciplemaker and put that identity into action. After four semesters of the class, participants will have abundant resources and a working knowledge of how to help anyone (including themselves) be transformed by the gospel. The informational launch night is August 28th at 6:30pm. If you decide to join either DM1 or DM3, the class will be $40 to cover book costs.

If you have already been through the Disciplemakers classes and would like to use Wednesday nights as a chance to make disciples, you are welcome to bring your children 0-18 to participate in their own Bible-based classes.

Membership Statement of Faith

Having a Membership Statement of Faith is profoundly influential in the course of a church family. Given the weight of the matter, as we come near to the August 25th vote on adopting the Membership Statement of Faith, please do take intentional time to pray for our church in regard to the statement and the impact it will have.

What a joy to be a part of a family glorifying God through lives changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Your sister,