Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday

David strengthened himself in the Lord in his time of need. We know we need to strengthen ourselves in the Lord, but we don’t always know how. Pastor Tad gave us three ways during his sermon on Sunday: truth, past experience, and family. Leaning on his Word, remembering his work, and being with brothers and sisters in Christ will bear fruit. After all, God loves it when we live out of his strength.

Membership Class

Do you want to learn more about the beliefs and values behind Church on Mill life? Do you know someone who still needs to find the joy and growth of being in relationship with God’s people? This Saturday’s Membership Class is for both of those purposes. Join us with a friend this Saturday from 9am-5pm in the West Wing. Email for more information or to RSVP.

The Beliefs Behind our Actions

Actions are always based on beliefs. That means that everything our church family does is rooted in something we believe! We must be vigilent, then, to define our beliefs as they define everything we do. On August 25th during the 6:00pm Members Meeting, the church body will vote on whether or not to adopt the Membership Statement of Faith. These written beliefs will help us love God and others as he intends for us to. If you haven’t had a chance to study it yet, please do so. If there is any reason you would consider voting “no,” please let a pastor know your concern.

May God strengthen you,