All three years of our Bible Reading Plan Bookmarks are now available on the greeting table in the back of the auditorium. On the front, these bookmarks each hold a simple prayer pattern based off of the Lord’s Prayer. On the back, they give an undated, weekly reading from the Bible. At the end of the three years of reading, a person will have read through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice!

This is a great plan for anyone looking to establish a new habit of daily Bible reading or for anyone wanting a fresh start in their daily Bible reading. Need a little inspiration as to why a person would want to pick up the Bible each day to read, understand, and apply? Read the article below by Erik, one of our staff members.

Imagine that you get a personalized letter in the mail from the White House. Or imagine your spouse is working overseas and you receive a handwritten letter from them. Would you stop to read it?

Of course, you would! Surely any day of this year, you would spend the time to open one of these letters to read the content inside. But, if you are like most who would call themselves American Christians, you won’t open and read the Bible even HALF of the days this year!

Getting a letter from the most powerful man in the world is significant, but to hear from the sovereign King who raises up nations and plans their falls is of a different magnitude.  To hear from your spouse warms your heart, but a letter from your perfect heavenly lover that made your heart should be overwhelming!

It is no secret that we MUST be reading God’s word. This is non-negotiable and essential for our strange tribe known as Christianity.  In fact, most of us would say that the intake of God’s word should be on a daily basis. As Christians, we know that we are dependent on God’s word.

If we know these things, why is it so difficult to do? Try these 5 things:

  1. Ask God to give you a supernatural love for his words
  2. Begin meeting on a weekly basis to read with a church member
  3. Always leave a bible near your bedside
  4. Grab all three years of the Bible Reading Plan Bookmarks from Church on Mill
  5. Finally, as Nike so eloquently puts it, JUST DO IT