Dear Church Family,

Last Sunday

Last Sunday we heard about the savior who washed his disciple’s feet. Dirty feet needed washing and Jesus, lowering himself to the place of a gentile slave, did this. Jesus made his disciples clean. But Jesus’ cleansing work is not over! Jesus continues to clean not only dirty feet, but dirty hearts and lives stained by sin. It is in the hope that Jesus cleans that we join together in worship and praise. It is in the hope that Jesus cleans that we serve one another with the same spirit as Jesus. Just as we have been washed in lavish love, we ought to wash one another in lavish love. In this way we model Jesus to one another and glorify God. What an amazing reality to live out with one another as members of Church on Mill!

Upcoming Conference: Is God Anti-Gay?

Is God anti-gay? This is a provocative question in the cultural waters we swim in every day regardless where you are reading it from, and it is sure to raise all kinds of other questions like: How can I share the gospel with a gay friend? Should we use the term gay-Christian? Can Christians be same-sex attracted? Isn’t love more important than gender? In partnership with the Arizona Chapter of the Gospel Coalition, we are happy to welcome pastor and author Sam Allberry to speak on the Bible’s teachings next month. Please consider attending this special, free, event from 7pm-8:30pm on March 16th hosted at Trinity Bible Church.

Attention Students: Winter College Retreat

At Church on Mill, we love college students! The Surge Winter Retreat is coming up for our college students! The College group will join Christian Challenge in their statewide winter discipleship conference exploring God’s design for gender on February 9-11. You can find additional information here.

Your brother in Christ,