Brothers and Sisters,

Our time in Philippians has been extremely valuable and, more than anticipated, deeply encouraging.  This past Sunday we saw how the gospel affects life within the church.  In Philippians 4:2-3, we see how it applies specifically to disputes.  This becomes an example of what Paul had previously charged the church with in Phil 2:14-18—to not grumble and dispute.  Apparently, these two solid ladies, Euodia and Syntyche, had been at odds over something significant which was beginning to impact the church and its effectiveness.  Therefore, Paul feels a need to specifically name them in the letter and challenge them to stop and agree.  Why would Paul do that? Well, as Pastor Chuck reminded us Sunday, the gospel “is both intensely relational and pervasively personal.”  Meaning that the gospel both unities us to God and each other.  The Christian community should be the foremost place where unity is seen.  This is difficult because the church is made up of a people who are opinionated, and who are ethnically, socially, and economically different.  But it is precisely our uncommonness that puts the gospel and its power on display through our unity.  So instead of shrugging off unity; pursue it!


Thanksgiving Meal

Don’t forget that this upcoming Sunday November 20th from 6pm-8pm is our annual Thanksgiving feast! So, grab a friend and come join us as we celebrate together God’s goodness. Remember to bring a dish or side dish of your favorite Thanksgiving food.  We are looking forward to expressing our gratitude together as we share a meal!!

Thanksgiving Offering

This time of the year we should find ourselves not only reflecting on God’s goodness towards us but also responding to that goodness. Expressions of gratitude take many forms but would you consider two options.  First, if someone has particularly blessed you through an encouraging word or simple kindness would you consider telling that person thank you.  Secondly, as an expression of gratitude would you consider giving an additional financial offering.  You can give either during Sunday gathering or online. We are extremely grateful for God’s goodness towards us and look forward to celebrating that together as we say thank you to others and give (2 Cor 8:1-2).

Grace be with you,

Bryan Jerry