Brothers and Sisters,

In our lifetime we will encounter hundreds of people as we attend church and meet many Christians across the world.  In doing that, we will more than likely have helpful conversations and experience deep encouragement.  Though good, Paul goes well beyond conversation and encouragement within the Christian community; he calls us to imitation (Phil 3:17-4:1 / 1 Cor 4:14-17 / 1 Cor 10:32-11:1 / 1 Thess 1:4-7).  This kind of thinking requires for us and others to be worthy of imitation.  This is incredibly challenging; and, therefore, necessitates that we find others who are not phony Christians but show a thriving passionate pursuit of Christ in all things.  This not only challenges us to find others to imitate, but causes us to consider if we ourselves are worthy of imitation.  Pastor Chuck challenged us on Sunday to imitate—and also be—“people whose lives reveal their deepest longing is to know Christ fully and be fully conformed by him, and are running all of life with grace-filled determination toward that goal.”

Brothers and Sisters, “those who pursue Jesus will joyfully produce those who pursue Jesus.”


Connection Classes

November 20th will mark a new round of Connection Classes.  These classes will last five weeks ending on December 18th.  Here are the new classes:

Counterfeit Gods

The Bible teaches that the human heart takes good things like a successful career, love, material possessions, even family, and turns them into ultimate things.  Our hearts deify them as the center of our lives, believing they can give us significance, security, or fulfillment.  In separate groups of men and women, we’ll discuss counterfeit gods of our culture today, how to identify your own idols, and how to replace them with the only One who gives true fulfillment – the living God.

Women’s Group

Location: Northwest Wing

Led By: Katina Skinner & Dana Lineberger

Men’s Group

Location: Northeast Wing

Led By: Todd Diehl

What We Believe

In an age of relativism and rejection of authority, we’ll take a closer look at the beliefs that consecrate us from an unbelieving world, unite us with the body of Christ, and define what it means to truly be a disciple of Christ. What we believe shapes every aspect of our lives and the knowledge of these beliefs and their Scriptural grounding equip us to go and make disciples of Christ.

Location: Southeast Wing

Led By: Tad Skinner

Thanksgiving Meal

On November 20th from 6pm-8pm grab a friend and join us for our annual Thanksgiving feast! Remember to bring a dish of your favorite Thanksgiving food and come share in celebrating God’s goodness.

Grace be with you,

Bryan Jerry