Brothers and Sisters,

This past Sunday we looked at what seems on the surface to be a bit of a snoozer—travel plans of Timothy and Epaphroditus (Phil 2:19-30).  But once we took some time to think through Paul’s letter we began to see the brilliance of Paul’s placement of these two giants in the faith.  Travelogues can be easily overlooked as just details but what Paul is doing is placing two faithful brothers in front of the church to model what he has been talking about for several chapters .  Timothy and Epaphroditus bring that high and lofty view of Christ’s servanthood down to the lowlands of everyday life (Phil 2:5-11).  They are concrete examples of true self sacrificing servanthood.

What are we to do with these men and people like them?  Honor and imitate!  Honor those around us who truly live for Jesus by serving others.  Imitate Epaphropditus by risking safety, health, and comfort for the work of Christ (Phil 2:25-30).  Imitate Timothy by overcoming fear and reach the point of living daily to serve (Phil 2:19-24).

Brothers and Sisters, these men and many like them are just like you and me.  Ordinary people called to the extraordinary by taking their daily ordinary lives and being self sacrificing servants for Christ.  Remember, we often spend our lives a quarter at a time rather than one lump sum.


Connection Class

Don’t forget a new round of connection classes start this Sunday October 16 and will run for five weeks.  If you have not already considered which class you will attend please take a few minutes and check out the two classes.

DiscipleMakers Intensive

On October 22nd from 8:30am-12pm come join DM 1 and DM 3 for a morning of teaching, discussion, and community.  This is open to all and anyone will benefit from our time together—even if you have never taking a DiscipleMakers class.  So block off the time and come join us!!!

COM Training Future Pastors and Ministry Leaders

By God’s grace Church on Mill has developed a reputation for being a training and sending church.  We regularly are gifted by God with incredible people as church members who are, Lord willing, headed into vocational ministry.  With that said, beginning this semester COM has partnered with The Gospel Coalition Arizona and Phoenix Seminary to offer seminary credit through our intern and residency program.  To learn more about this exciting partnership click here!

Grace be with you,

Bryan Jerry