Brothers and Sisters,

Sunday not only brought some humor with Paul’s word choice but also substantial truth to consider.  In this section of Philippians, Paul, one of the greatest scholars in regards to theology with an impressive résumé (Phil 3:4-6), states that all he has done is rubbish compared to Christ (Phil 3:8).  How is it that when all the accolades are stacked against Christ and his work, they turn to rubbish/feces/excrement?  Because of righteousness (Phil 3:8-9)!  We often get locked in the game of righteousness trying to make ourselves “be right” by either doing or rejecting; by either religion or irreligion (see this article Pastor Chuck referenced).  Paul had experienced a great relief in understanding that he is only made right by the work of Christ.  It is precisely Christ’s work that rights us and the world around us.  This is true freedom, and Paul considers all his working as nothing more than a heaping pile of cow dung compared to the “surpassing worth of knowing Christ.”

Brothers and Sisters, let us not get caught up in the game of righteousness and lose our identity.  We are, “through faith in Christ” (Phil 3:9), made righteous in order to live in sweet freedom as children of God, not children of works.


Scotland | 20schemes

Please continue to be in prayer for our team in Scotland serving with 20schemes.  They have already enjoyed serving these last few days but would appreciate prayers to continue to be self-sacrificing with their remaining days.  They will be traveling back to the states this Saturday so be praying for them as they make connections and fight through exhaustion to remain thankful.

DiscipleMakers Intensive | Overcoming Obstacles in Disciplemaking

Everyone is invited to join us this Saturday October 22 from 8:30am-12pm for a morning of teaching, discussion, and community.  Breakfast will be provided then we will have three instructional sessions on Disciplemaking along with several activities.  See you then!!!

Grace be with you,

Bryan Jerry