Brothers and Sisters,

It was a great privilege to share with you this past Sunday and I hope you were encouraged by our time together. Philippians truly has been a joyous challenge each week and deeply encouraging. This past Sunday we found ourselves in the midst of a text that had two commands but yet each command is radically different—do not grumble and do rejoice!! Each are strong commands and essential for the church to heed and actually do. The strategic placement of these bookends reminds us that it is only through remembering our position in Christ and understanding our responsibility to shine as lights by holding out the word of life that we can move from grumbling to rejoicing (Phil 2:14-18).

Brothers and Sisters, we should not settle for low tones of discontentment. We should not sharpen the blade of dissension with grumbling. Rather lets march forth in joy by holding out the word of life and joyously sacrifice ourselves for others.


Connection Class

A new round of connection classes will begin October 16th. What is a connection class? Glad you asked…Connection Classes are short-term studies designed to connect people on a Sunday morning around a particular topic of interest. All classes meet from 9:30-10:30am on Sunday mornings in the Auditorium. Take some time to check out the upcoming classes (Singleness and the Scriptures, How to Get More Out of the Bible, and Church Membership) and see which one interest you.

Scotland Trip

Megan Roberts, Pam Hagler, and Randy Hagler are going to Scotland to serve alongside our mission partners 20schemes from October 14th – October 22nd. Please be in prayer for them as they finalize details, pack, and prepare their hearts.  We are grateful for their willingness to passionately engage the world with the gospel.  Perhaps you could make praying for them a part of your family worship time or GC!

Grace be with you,

Bryan Jerry