Brothers and Sisters,

This past Sunday, Pastor Chuck spoke on Acts 25:13-26:32. In his sermon, he painted a picture of what it was like for a chain-laden, unkempt Paul to share the gospel with Agrippa in a massive arena filled with people and pomp. Listen in on Paul’s testimony and what we are to learn from it on YouTube or our website. Don’t forget about the Q&A.

Thanksgiving Offering

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. May you find time to sit with the Lord and genuinely meditate on the ways he has provided for you this year, perhaps with the guidance of a Psalm of thanksgiving such as Psalm 92 or 111. May he lead your thoughts to truths about him that endure forever, and may you feel in awe of his grace.

As you ponder his blessings to you, consider making a special Thanksgiving Offering out of joy and gratitude for his spiritual, physical, and financial provision. You can do so here.

After your celebrations this weekend, we hope to see you Sunday to come together in corporate worship of our great king! Sign up here.

“He has caused his wondrous works to be rememberedthe LORD is gracious and merciful,” (Psalm 111:4)

Your sister,