Brothers and Sisters,

In the sermon this past Sunday from Acts 13:1-12, we saw that the Holy Spirit and the church send people to proclaim the gospel. Pastor Andy asked us to pray this, “Jesus, you are glorious. Give me eyes to see you.” Listen here or watch here. Don’t forget to tune into the Q&A!


What would you like your kids to most know during this time of widespread suffering? Perhaps that Jesus’ Power Pulls Us Through?! That’s the goal of VBS – that they would walk away confident that no matter the struggle, Jesus will be faithful. Click here to register until this Saturday, July 11th. This at-home VBS will run from July 13th-17th, beginning with livestream singing and skits at 6:00pm each night on Facebook and Youtube. Families will then enjoy Bible stories, games, crafts, and fun for preschoolers through 5th graders.

Sweet Unity

Pastor Todd wrote a compelling article for us on the topic of understanding unity. Give it 20 minutes sometime this week. It’s worth it – unity, when fought for, is incredibly sweet to our souls. Don’t let this blessing the Lord is ready to provide pass you by.

We’ll close with Todd’s words, “We look to the example of Christ, who being fully God did not consider equality with God as something to cling to. And just as he emptied himself to take on the form of man, we demonstrate our love for others by laying aside our own rights and desires.”

Your sister,