Church Family,

Last Sunday, Pastor Andy brought us a message from Acts 13:13-52. In this sermon, we explored how Jesus is the long-promised offspring of David. The books of the Bible work together to form the one story of our savior in marvelous ways! Listen in via podcast or YouTube…and don’t forget about the Q&A.

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Gathering as safely as possible as a church family has been life-giving in this season of uncertainty. Brothers and sisters, if there is any way you are able to come, don’t miss out on this tremendous grace. It is intimidating and so very different! But, for those of us who are able, engaging in person is the single most important thing we can do to continue to walk with God throughout a difficult season…even if that walk is much slower than normal! Sign up here.

If you aren’t able to leave your house due to the vulnerable state of someone you care for or yourself, exposure to the virus, or illness, we pray that you will find the Livestreamed Gathering to be sufficient grace for the difficult days you face. We never stop thinking of each of you.

Jesus is Better

Jesus is Better than everything we’ve lost over the past few months. Check out the Jesus is Better articles, podcast, prayers, and videos, all available here. You may find your heart lightened as your eyes rest on things eternal.

To continue to give thanks for all the ways the Lord has sustained you, you can give online here.

We love you!

Your sister,