Church Family,

This past Sunday, Chuck reminded us of the selfishness that threatens our every cent. We are tempted to amass more and more wealth for self-consumption and look down on people with less. How are we to live when this is such a strong inclination? Listen to the sermon to find out.

A Meeting

Our church family’s Members Meeting is at 6:00pm in the auditorium this Sunday, the 26th. We’ll be voting on adopting a Membership Statement of Fellowship and changes to the Bylaws. If both votes pass, members will be given opportunity to affirm the “Membership Commitment.” Take a look at the document here.

A Man

During the Members Meeting, we will also be voting on whether or not Andy Clare, a faithful brother, will become one of our pastors. If he is affirmed as an Elder, he’ll make these commitments to God and our church family. Take a look and be encouraged that he cares for us so deeply!

A Meet n’ Greet

We love others, and we love seeing their lives changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ! We hope one way we can glorify God in this way is to offer a Newcomers Open House on February 2nd at 1:00pm at Pastor Chuck’s House. Invite any newcomers you see around to this light lunch with the cards on the greeting table a at the back of the auditorium!

May God give us all wisdom to apply his truths to our lives this week.

Your sister,