Dear Church Family,

Mark 12:41-44

Last Sunday we observed two characters, the pharisees and the poor widow. Jesus watches the scene unfold as the pharisees come and pour great sums of money into the offering, meanwhile a widow comes and drops in two small coins. And yet, Jesus tells his disciples that she offered more than they because she gave all she had while they gave out of their abundance. It was a powerful scripture that reminded us to have right hearts before God in our finances. We can be generous with others because Jesus has been generous with us. You can check out the sermon here.

Better than Eden

On March 22-23, the Gospel Coalition Arizona is hosting a women’s conference at Trinity Bible Church with Nancy Guthrie. Nancy is an accomplished writer and teacher who will be talking about how God will bring so much more than restoration when he comes. The biblical story is often described as creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. This is true, but God promises us even more. You can sign up here.

Membership Class

Saturday, February 16th, we have a Membership Class from 9am-4pm in the west wing. If you are curious about becoming a member in the church, would like to learn about our beliefs, or are already a member and want to a refresher then please join us.

Your Brother in Christ,