///New is Good

New is Good

Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday

After making our final recommendations for elders and deacons, Pastor Chuck continued our Prayer series with the importance of praising our Father’s holiness. It is really quite amazing: only four words out of an entire passage: “hallow be thy name,” and yet we are able to make a 45 minute sermon out of it! Not to mention the hour of discussion I’m sure that your GCs had afterwards. What a wonderful reality that the scriptures are so beautifully dense with endless application!

The Director of Family Ministries

Tim Stokes and his family will be visiting again from the 20th to the 25th of this month, and within that time he will meet with each of the staff, teams, and ministries, enabling us all to shake his hand and hear his story. Then on the last day of his trip (that’s a Sunday), we will vote by ballot either yes or no on his position with us as the Director of Family Ministries. This is why it would be wonderful for you to see Tim at least once, for his sake, the sake of our kids and youth, Church on Mill, and ultimately our God. Here is the latest post about him for your information.

New Connection Classes

With three classes recently completed, we will now offer three new connection classes starting on October 18th, and continuing for five weeks until November 13th. The first is our Membership Class, which meets in the northwest wing, and is for all regular visitors who wish to learn more about Church on Mill. The second is Discipleship II, which meets in the northeast wing, and is for any who want to learn how to mature in Christ. The third is Read Discuss, and Understand, which will meet in the southwest wing, and is for those who want to learn advanced bible reading strategies for their next bible study.

College Events

There will be some upcoming chances for anyone of college-age to get further involved in service around our community. The first of these is , an organization based in Mesa that packages food for starving children around the world. This will be on Thursday the 15th from 6:00pm-8:00pm, and is open to everyone involved in college or youth.

Then, over the weekend from October 23rd-October 25th, the college ministry will join about 200 other Arizonan college students for a cross cultural mission trip across Downtown Phoenix to connect with different churches, communities, and worship gatherings, in an organization called City Impact. If you wish to take a break from classes for this experience that could change your life, then the cost to go is $55, which covers lodging, food, and registration. If the cost is going to be an obstacle, then please contact Erik Naylor.

I certainly hope that the sermon series thus far has been a blessing for each of you. I know that it has for me already, as it has made me think of how prayer can be used to provide the right wisdom for any sudden moment. I am anxious to hear how God may be speaking to you from all of this. Now, have an excellent week, and make sure to keep Sarah DeJesus, Kayde DeVeau, Austin and Chantel Krause, and Pam and Randy Hagler in your prayers as they minister in Niddrie, Scotland this week.

With much love,

Trevor Pacelli, Ministry Intern

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