///Fighting With Faith

Fighting With Faith

Last Sunday

Bryan Jerry had the privilege of continuing our sermon series on prayer. He has taught us about how our personal interactions with our Heavenly Father in prayer are to be so precious to us. The message was I think a great encouragement, for our own fathers’ failures pale in comparison with the unconditional open arms of our father who is in Heaven. Also announced last service, we are now one member larger of a church body than we were before, as ASU student Daniel Lozano has joined the church family!

Speaking of family, I hope that you took the time to fill out the recommendation ballot at the front of your seat. If you weren’t here on Sunday, these ballots were for recommending members you see as already doing ministry akin to an elder or deacon. If you hadn’t handed in your recommendations by the end of last service, we will still have them available this coming Sunday.

Next Membership Class

If you are not yet a member of the Church on Mill and you are considering making us your church home, then we have something of tremendous value starting soon! Starting on October 18th at 9:30 am, we will have the first meeting of our next Membership Class. Please join if you wish to learn about what Church on Mill is all about, and if you plan to retire your church hunting with us!

Director of Family Ministries

If you haven’t already met Tim Stokes, our potential new director of Family Ministries (DOFM), then please take a look at his introduction here. Tim has already visited us recently from South Carolina and everyone has met him with overwhelming positivity. He and his family will be back to meet us and the preschool, children, and youth ministries from October 21-15, so please continue praying for the clear calling of both his family and our church. If his interviews go well that weekend, embers will be asked to affirm Tim as our DOFM on Sunday Oct 25.

One last thing, although unrelated to matters discussed, I had just recently seen the film War Room, which talked about the power of prayer in one’s broken life. The movie is a bit cheesy at moments, but it still lines up perfectly with our sermon series and offers a great motivation towards the approach of prayer. I would absolutely recommend seeing it while it’s still in theaters. But above all, continue to take prayer seriously, whether for the preparation of our Scotland Team leaving tomorrow, a need that feels small in your life, or leadership of our church — you have no greater gift that your faith in our Lord Jesus!

With Much Love,

Trevor Pacelli, Ministry Intern

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