///Thankful for the Blessings

Thankful for the Blessings

Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday

As we make our way, phrase by phrase, through the Lord’s Prayer, we have recently analyzed the declaration, “thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” I know that it is a challenge, allowing God’s will, and not anyone else’s, to be pursued above anything else. I know that it is hard to entrust our Father with the greatest problems that people assumedly have control over. But now after hearing Chuck’s message to us, let’s pray on how we as a congregation can surrender that control to Him.

In other matters during the worship gathering, our Director of College Ministries Erik Naylor got to share a little about his experience leading our church to serve the ASU campus. He explained the ministry’s mission of planting gospel groups across the campus so that Christ’s image can be seen in every room of every floor of every dorm. Please be praying for Erik and family, his leadership team, and for the new students in the ministry as the Lord’s light floods in faster than our monsoons.

Connection Classes

If you missed the intro to one of our newest classes last Sunday, fret not—you can still come this next Sunday! To recap, the first of our classes is the Membership Class, in the auditorium northwest wing, which teaches who Church on Mill is and why membership is so important. The second is Discipleship II, in the auditorium northeast wing, which equips any who wishes to mature in Christ through disciplemaking. The third is Read, Discuss, and Understand, in the auditorium southeast wing, which teaches new methods of getting the most out of Bible reading.

Director of Family Ministries

In just a few hours, Tim Stokes and his family will fly in from South Carolina to visit our church family.

You will have several chances to meet him! This Wednesday the 21st at 5:15pm, we will host a dinner with the VMCs in the children’s building, following with teachings by our special guest. Then on Friday the 23rd at 6:30pm, there will be a Meet and Greet in the auditorium so that any family ministry volunteers can meet Tim. On Saturday the 24th from 2-4pm, the children’s building will host another Meet and Greet for the parents and caregivers. Then finally, at 9:30 on Sunday morning, Tim will hang with the youth ministry, followed by his public testimony during the worship gathering. It would be great for all of you to come to at least one of these events so that you can decide whether or not to affirm him as the new Director of Ministries on Sunday!

With much love,

Trevor Pacelli, Ministry Intern

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