Brothers and Sisters,

Last week, Chuck showed us how the gospel fits into a set of Russian nesting dolls. How so? The short answer is that Christ is the fulfillment of the laws and the promise of the Old Testment. For the long answer, listen to the sermon on Galatians 3:23-4:7.

Cotton Candy

As a church, we desire for our doctrine and lives to be nothing like the unsubstantial sugary fluff of cotton candy. However, when it comes to the Thanksgiving Picnic, we are very excited for the prospect of cotton candy (a new addition to the festivities)! With a turkey bowl, bounce houses, and a pot luck feast, the Thanksgiving Picnic will be a joyous time for our church family to gather and enjoy one another. Feel free to invite along a friend to enjoy all of this with you! We’ll meet at Daley Park at 3:00pm on Sunday, November 24th.

Grateful Giving

When we look back at the past year, hopefully each of us can see how God has provided for every financial need that arose in our individual lives. Hopefully, we can see how he provided through our church family to meet our spiritual and emotional needs, as well. As we remember both of these things, would you prayerfully consider giving the gift of a special thanksgiving offering to the church during the month of November? It will be a huge, joyful blessing to see the church’s needs provided for.

“So you are no longer a slave, but a son, and if a son, then an heir through God,” (Galatians 4:7).

In Christ,