Last Sunday

In John 8:12-59, Jesus makes three life-changing claims about himself. He claims to be the light of the world, to have a utterly unique relationship with God the father, and to be the God and Messiah of the Old Testament. Jesus then says that if a person doesn’t believe these things and submit to them, they don’t have a relationship with God at all. This enraged the unbelieving Pharisees. They had extreme confidence in their ancestral connection to God and rote knowledge of the Bible, but Jesus said that these very confidences made them children of the Devil, not children of God. This is an opportunity for all of us—those who believe the claims of Jesus and those who do not—to examine where our true confidence lies. Listen to last Sunday’s sermon to hear the Word of God and consider your heart toward it.

Praise God for Additional Elders and an Affirmed Budget!

On Sunday December 3rd, Church on Mill members affirmed and installed three new elders: Tad Skinner, Randy Hagler, and Todd Diehl. These elders are the new shepherds of our members here at Church on Mill, joining Pastor Chuck in the call to lead God’s people in following Jesus, our Chief Shepherd. At the Members Meeting the same day, we celebrated God’s grace in his provision of these three men. The night was both historic and poignant—Pastor Chuck reminded the men of the gravity of shepherding a church, the men and the church said vows to one another affirming our commitments to each other, the church laid hands on them and prayed for them in their new roles, and we worshiped through song together in praise of God’s work.

The proposed budget for 2018 was also presented at the Members Meeting, and the members voted to affirm and faithfully support it during the gatherings this past Sunday. Praise God that our church is stepping forward in faith that God will provide for us in 2018.

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve Gatherings

On both Sunday, December 24th and Sunday, December 31st (Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve), we’ll have just one gathering at 11:15am. Come at 10:30am both weeks for a time of fellowship, breakfast, and coffee. As we do yearly, we’ll also have a special Christmas Eve gathering at 6:00pm in the church auditorium. Join us as we remember that the Son of God became human to make all who believe in him part of his family.