Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday

Tad, one of our pastors here at Church on Mill, brought us the Word of God on Sunday by preaching on John 9. In this chapter, Jesus healed a man blind from birth. The healing led the man from begging on the street to worshiping the true son of God! However, it didn’t have this effect on the Pharisees.Rather than worshiping Jesus for the miracle of the blind man seeing, in pride they incriminated him.

The blind man saw physically, but within the same moments he saw spiritually: he believed in Jesus as the Christ. The Pharisees scoffed at his belief, and Jesus said, “Your guilt remains,” (v.41). Do you know people in your life who cannot see the miracles of Jesus and are blind to his truth? Pray today that God would open their eyes as he opened the blind man’s. For more understanding and application, listen to the sermon from Sunday here.

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve Schedule

Join our church on both December 24th and December 31st for one gathering at 11:15am. Though we won’t have our normal schedule of two gatherings, we will be having a continental breakfast at 10:30am both of these days, so be sure to come early for food and fellowship.

On Christmas Eve, we’ll also be having a Candlelight Service starting at 6:00pm. We’ll praise God together for the greatest gift imaginable, take the Lord’s Supper, celebrate a baptism, and light candles together.

During the week of December 25-29th, the church office will be closed. For end of year financial contributions, we will have the office open from 8:30-11:30am on Thursday, the 28th.

Spring Disciplemakers Launch Night

Have you been participating in Church on Mills Disciplemakers classes or would you like to start? If so, mark this on your calendar: spring Launch Night is on January 10th from 6:30-8:00pm in the auditorium. Come to get next semester’s syllabus, ask any questions, and talk about the material.

Disciplemakers is a series of four semester-long classes that build upon one another to equip the Christian to live out their calling as a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples. Though we’ll be in the second and fourth semesters of the class this spring, newcomers are welcome to begin in Disciplemakers 2. For more details on the purpose and content, read here.


Merry Christmas, church family! The Lord has given us a great gift in the body he has established here at Church on Mill. Praise him!

In Christ,