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We are familiar with seeing vows in a wedding. These vows are public commitments between a man and a woman, who are pledging their love and fidelity to each other for life. Vows have also [...]

Elder Candidate Testimony: Todd

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I think I can say that nine months ago, I didn’t imagine I would be writing about how I believe God has called me to this place of humbly submitting myself before Church on Mill [...]

Elder Candidate Testimony: Randy

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If I had to condense God’s call to one word it would be “unexpected”. Although it began the same as other elder candidates, names on a list, attending the Discovering Eldership class, etc, it did [...]

Thanksgiving Picnic

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Have you heard?! This year's Thanksgiving dinner is a picnic! Instead of being in the Church on Mill auditorium, we'll be at Daley Park at 3:00pm on November 19th. Just like last year, Cody and [...]

Elder Candidate Testimony: Tad

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I was called into vocational ministry during my college years – seemingly too long ago! One summer during college, I served as a youth minister at a small church in rural Oklahoma. I was driving [...]

Moving Toward Eldership

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Beloved fellow members of Church on Mill: Eight years ago, the Leadership Team at Church on Mill started scouring the New Testament for how the early church functioned, and compared their findings to what our [...]

Disciplemakers Intensive

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Disciplemaking is the joy of every Christian and every church (Matthew 28:18-20). What a privilege to be commissioned by our Creator and Redeemer to share the gospel with non-Christians and help fellow Christians mature in [...]

Website Redesign

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Church on Mill's complete website redesign is now live! Time after time, visitors let us know that they hear about us through searching online. We've been so thankful for this! Our presence online has led [...]

Did You Know?

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Did You Know? There are five different ways to give to the ministry of the gospel at Church on Mill.  1) Cash, 2) Check, 3) Online Giving (Credit or Debit), 4) ApplePay, and 5) Text. [...]

God Provides

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Though God always provides, there are times in which God’s provisions are more readily obvious than others: this is one of those times.  When Erik Naylor took over responsibility for COM’s collegiate ministry, part of [...]