Daniel conveys timeless truths for troubled times. Would anyone assert that our times are not troubled? What a gift, then, that we can turn to a book of God’s words to us filled with the provision we need.

This sounds wonderful! But if you’ve read through Daniel, you know things get more than a little confusing throughout the book. Discerning and applying Daniel is particularly difficult given some significant cultural barriers between us and the original audience.

In the guide attached here, you’ll find an introduction to Daniel, tips on reading Daniel, and a couple of charts to aid in the interpretation of its symbols and timeframe. Whether you read it daily for your personal devotions, discuss it in your Gospel Community, brave it with a non-Christian between classes, or read its famous stories to your kids before bed, this brief guide will hopefully turn on a headlamp to light your way in the mysterious world of Old Testament narrative and apocalyptic literature.

Above All Series Guide