Church Family,

We completed the To Do series by talking about spending on Sunday. Are you spending your money in the light of the gospel? This might look different than you think, as it includes feeling both contentment and joy. Listen in to learn more, and tune into the Q&A.

Above All

Teenagers. Kings. Dreams. Statues. Magicians. Prayers. Astrologers. Lions. Visions. Horns. Flames. Eunuchs. Numbers. Kingdoms. Goats. God. Welcome to the glorious book known simply as Daniel. Named after its primary human character and author, Daniel conveys timeless truths for troubled times. Be sure you don’t miss the first week of the series this Sunday. Sign up here.

Members Meeting Review

We re-affirmed three deacons (Amber Ward, David Brown, and Stephen Shelton), prayed together, and heard several updates. Thank you, church family, for coming out to Sunday’s Members Meeting. Our body was strengthened.

He gives us all we need all the time. May we live through this truth.

Your sister,