Brothers and Sisters,

I am grateful for this family that has been bought with the precious blood of Christ, and am excited to serve as pastoral resident with Church on Mill for 2017. I trust the year is off to a Christ-exalting start!

Last Sunday

In last week’s sermon we considered John 3:16 together and were reminded of the quality of God’s love for this world—a “so” kind of love. The extent of God’s love for us is summed up in these five beautiful words, “He gave his only Son.” This good news is the reason Church on Mill exists, and it is the message we carry to the world. We were dead in sin, but have been given life in Christ, and so will it be for all who put their trust in Jesus—good news indeed!

Join us next week as we consider what this good news has accomplished in gathering together a family for God’s own, the church.  Consider now who you might bring with you.

Wednesday Launch Night

Tomorrow (Jan 11th) we kick off Disciple-Makers at 6:30 pm in the church auditorium. Over the course of the semester we will explore themes such as our identity in Christ, the key to a transformed life, the cost of following Christ, and the high calling of every Christian to make disciples.

Deacon Info

The Transition Team is excited to recommend four new candidates for the office of deacon! They are David Brown, Megan Roberts, David Oaks, and Amber Ward. For more information, including personal testimonies and job descriptions, read here.

In 1 Samuel 12:24, the prophet Samuel exhorts the Israelites to fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with their whole heart, for, “consider what great things he has done for you.” Let’s consider what God has done for us this week in giving his only Son. May our grateful, joyful response be to fear and serve him faithfully with our whole heart!

Your brother in Christ,

Phil Hoshiwara