Brothers and Sisters,

Happy New Year!  I hope your Christmas and New Year’s holidays were restful and fruitful.  2017 is here so there’s much to update you on in terms of church life.

Last Sunday

Last Sunday morning we considered how to live a life pleasing to God in 2017.  If you missed it, please take the time to listen and discuss what you learn with another church member.  May all of us pursue Christ-honoring purity this year.  Let’s share our tables but not our beds.

This coming Sunday we’ll start a new sermon series called Basics.  This is our annual ‘refresher’ on who we are as a church family.  I have the joy of preaching John 3:16 this week, so consider bringing a friend or family member to hear the very heart of the Christian faith.

Bible Reading Plan

The start of a new year is great time to get back in the habit (or start for the first time) of reading the Bible regularly.  Need help looking for a Bible reading plan? Here’s one we recommend.  This reading plan gets you into the Old and New Testaments quickly and allows you to read the entire Old Testament once and New Testament twice over a three year period of time.  Many Bible reading plans seem to emphasize quantity of reading rather than quality: this one does the opposite.  You’ll move at a slightly slower pace, but perhaps will retain and be changed more than a faster plan.  Many COM members did “Year One” in 2016, so if that’s you simply start with “Year Two” this week.  If you’ve never tried a reading plan before consider asking someone in your GC or a new church member to meet up weekly to read together.

Got Parenting, Evangelism, or Spiritual Growth Questions?

Make plans now for 9:30am on January 8th (this coming Sunday).  From birth through senior adults there’s a group for you to join and learn more about God in community.  For adults, we launch three great Connection Classes including one on Parenting, another on Evangelism, and the third on Spiritual Growth.  All three classes promise to help you learn and grow in new (continue reading…)


2016 brought many new people to Church on Mill.  As we begin a new year together, make it a habit to pray for fellow church members using the Membership Directory as a guide.  Reach out to newer members.  Consider serving them formally or informally.  Maybe have a college student over for dinner and laundry or an empty-nester to enjoy the laughter of your little kids.  Let’s put the gospel on display in how we meaningfully engage one another.

Looking forward to this year with you,

Pastor Chuck