“Don’t long for ‘the good old days.’ This is not wise,” (Eccl. 7:10 NLT). 

These are days of unusual disruption. To one degree or another, all our lives have been unsettled by the coronavirus pandemic. It’s tempting to think, “If only things were like they were!” or “Life will get easier when everything is back to normal.” While understandable, we believe God has something grander in mind. That’s why we are creating content to center our hearts and minds on the theme “Jesus is Better.”

Jesus is better. He’s obviously better than the coronavirus, but he’s also better than lifted stay-at-home orders, secure jobs, typical schedules, freedom to enjoy hobbies, and gathering with friends and family at will. He’s better than health, wealth, and ease. His nearness in a pandemic is better than a pandemic-free, Jesus-less existence. He’s better!

Crisis can be a catalyst for growth. Our prayer during this pandemic is not merely that we would tread water and get through it, but that we’d experientially find God to be glorious, sufficient and trustworthy – more than we’ve ever imagined. We hope that the articles, prayers, and podcasts we produce and post will be a fantastic way for our church family to flourish instead of stagnate as we face this season. Keep your eye out each week for the new content! It will be posted on social media and will be collected into a tab on the website. Additionally, the “Anchored” videos will now be “Jesus is Better” videos and will be posted in all of the same places.

May we discover in this momentary trial the eternal truth that Jesus is better.