Last Sunday

Good stories never get old. A movie classic may be visibly dated in its costumes and special effects, but its story of humanity and truth will continue to capture generation after generation, regardless. Last Sunday we reheard the Easter story from 1 Corinthians 15:1-10. The Easter story is like a classic movie. The scenes of our lives and our church may seem drab and “out of touch” at times, but the story running through it all is entirely wonderful. We gather each Easter and each Sunday to remember that it is the story of Christ, not the scenes of our life, which define our hope and destiny. Brothers and sister, Christ died and was raised! Praise God! Our purpose as a Bible-believing church is to retell and relive that story to one another through sacrificially teaching, loving, and serving one another in the grace and faith of Christ. Happy Easter!

New Connection Classes

Check out a new Connection Class this coming Sunday! Two classes are being offered. How to Grow at 9:30 am and Living in Exile at 11:15 am. Find out more information here.

Disciplemakers Intensive

What does it mean to “grow up in Christ”? Am I maturing in my faith walk? How am I supposed to help someone else grow in their faith? These questions are at the heart of being and making disciples. Join us this Saturday for a Disciplemakers Intensive titled Adulting in Christ this April 7 @ 8:30 am – 12:00 pm.

Your brother in Christ,