Dear Church Family,

Last Sunday

Where did Jesus come from? Last week we considered Jesus’s roots in Matthew 1:1-17. Scripture clearly teaches that Jesus is from heaven and is the eternal Son of God (Heb. 1:1-2), but Scripture also teaches that Jesus came to earth and is the Son of Man. In Matthew’s genealogy we find a family of adulterers, murderers, liars, and idolaters. And we find the Christ, the perfect and greater son of Abraham and David. Jesus came through sinners and lived among sinners in order that he might save—you guessed it—sinners! As Christmas approaches, marvel at the Savior-King who set aside his glory in order that we might be glorified with him. What a Savior! What a King!

Members Meeting

Join us this Sunday, December 9th from 6 – 8 pm in the church auditorium for our bi-monthly Members Meeting. This is a time to hear testimonies and updates in the life of the church, to fellowship and pray together, and to be encouraged by God’s word. Don’t miss out on these important family meetings!

Your brother in Christ,

Phil Hoshiwara