Dear Church Family,

Matthew 1:18-25

Last Sunday Pastor Chuck took us through the story of Jesus’ miraculous birth. During Mary and Joseph’s betrothal the spirit came upon her and she conceived. Jesus, fully God and fully man, was born of the virgin Mary that he might save sinners and reconcile God’s people back to himself. Through his humanity Jesus fully knows our struggles and acts as the perfect substitute for us. Through his divinity Jesus has the authority to forgive us for our sins. Jesus truly is our salvation, praise God! You can check out the sermon here.

Members Meeting Recap

The Members meeting Sunday night was encouraging as we heard stories from Erik Naylor about Christian Challenge and Elizabeth Hahne from the Greeting team. Both shared stories about lives changed and the gospel transformation they have seen in and through our church. It was also the first time the congregation voted members in and out of the church. It was quite a special time to gather as a church family and celebrate what God has been doing.

Your Brother in Christ,