///Parenting – Gloriously Difficult

Parenting – Gloriously Difficult

Brothers and Sisters,

Parenting Purposefully

Proverbs stands out because it has stood the test of time and provides the best and most realistic look at daily life. Sunday revealed this yet again.  Parenting is as old as the world and a task that is simultaneously rewarding and defeating. Proverbs is not unfamiliar with the parent child relationship, especially considering its entire structure is a father giving wisdom to his son on behalf of he and his wife (Proverbs 1:8). There is so much ground covered in Proverbs that even an entire Sunday is not adequate to glean all the wisdom it offers (click here for the messages notes, including portions we were not able to cover).

An apt summary of a parent’s job is to teach God’s character, commands, gospel, and wisdom by shepherding their children’s heart towards God. This indeed takes intentionality. Parenting does not just simply happen, parents must be prepared and purposeful. Brothers and Sisters, there are lots of great resources to help you in this most important of tasks.  Graciously God does not leave us out in the cold but gives us a church family to help guide and encourage us in this tough task. So seek out a few brothers and sisters a bit further along in parenting and ask their advice. Finally, if you did not pick up your free copy of Family Worship, please see Tim Stokes or Jessica Oaks because they have one for you!

Members Meeting Recap

Sunday’s Member’s Meeting was an incredible time of encouragement and celebration.  We spent time praising God for the work we as a church are privilege to be involved with, international and local.  We heard testimonies about God’s work across the Valley and installed two new deacons—Katina Skinner and Jessica Oaks.  We prayed for a family leaving Church on Mill to join a church plant.  We looked ahead to the summer and learned specifics for Pastor Chuck’s sabbatical.  We thanked Julie for serving and welcomed Gracie to the staff.  We also spent significant time praying as a church family.  If you were unable to attend, might I encourage you to read the notes from the meeting to be up to date on all the latest news.

Attention Youth and Parents of Youth

This Wednesday Pastor Chuck will be sharing with the youth what the Bible teaches about gender and sexuality. We live in a unique time in which the most basic questions of personhood are being reconsidered. Thankfully God’s Word is clear and stabilizing. Bring your youth and pray for them as they seek to honor Christ in a confusing culture.

Grace be with you,

Bryan Jerry

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