Brothers and Sisters,

Sunday was a heavy day but this is the time for the Church to humbly stand tall and not shy away from discussing God’s teachings on sex. The Bible celebrates sex as a gift for a husband and wife. Proverbs 5:15-23 encourages married couples to enjoy each other sexually as means for intimacy and joy (1 Cor 7:1-5). When God’s good design for sex is manipulated and reduced down to doing whatever feels right chaos ensues and society begins to break down.  Self-actualization cannot be found in sex but rather in the loving arms of God.

Brothers and Sisters if you are involved in some sort of sexual sin—porn, relationship with a co-worker, dressing to be stared at please stop, repent, and get help. Find a pastor or a brother or sister in Christ and practice Titus 2 as was suggested during the message.

If you feel that you have been a victim of sexual abuse please consider this as encouragement to seek help and find healing in God’s arms (Psalms 147:3, 2 Cor 1:3-5). We want to walk alongside you as a church family.  There is help and we would love this opportunity to support you as you see God bring healing.

Members Meeting

This coming Sunday, April 24th 6pm – 9pm in the Auditorium, we will gather for our quarterly Members Meeting.  Be in prayer as we prepare to gather together to celebrate what God is doing in our midst and challenge ourselves to continue to pursue him with passion and diligence.  Lastly, this Members Meeting will be a historical occasion for Church on Mill as we will be sharing the result of our first potential woman deacons.  This is a meeting you will not want to miss!

Deacon Candidates

This past two Sundays we heard from both of the deacon candidates—Katina Skinner, proposed Deacon of Woman’s Discipleship and Mentoring and Jessica Oaks, proposed Deacon of Children’s Ministry.  Please take a few minutes and read this post which contains the announcement of the deacon candidates, position papers on deacons, and also each candidates’s story.  This coming Sunday church members will vote on these two candidates.  Carve out a few moments and read the post to prepare yourself to serve the body this Sunday by participating in affirming the candidates.

Grace be with you,