• Enough

    Brothers and Sisters, "The Bible says that what you have today is enough," was a provoking and convicting statement that Pastor Chuck made during his sermon on Sunday. This is from the truth given [...]

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Brothers and Sisters, Last Sunday, Chuck told us about two paths that we can walk on: the path of [...]


Church Family, Last Sunday, the message began with "Oh foolish Galatians!" Chuck showed us why Paul had such strong [...]


Brothers and Sisters, We heard from Erik last Sunday about the ever-present temptation to hypocrisy in our lives and [...]


Dear Church Family, Last Sunday, Pastor Chuck took us on a journey from Antioch to Jerusalem where we learned [...]


Church Family, Last Sunday Pastor Chuck led us through Galatians 1:10-24. He showed us that the gospel that Paul [...]

No Other

Church Family, This past Sunday we learned this equation: Jesus + Anything = Nothing. The gospel necessitates that we [...]


Dear Brothers and Sisters, Last Sunday, Pastor Chuck brought us the first message of Treasuring the Grace of Christ, [...]


Disciples of Christ, Our church has been given the great commission of going and making disciples of all nations. [...]


Brothers and Sisters, Many of us spend our lives thinking that independence is the goal, but Pastor Chuck shared [...]