• Idols

    Church Family, How are we supposed to deal with it when other people in our city worship idols? What a complicated question! The sermon from this past Sunday leads us to understand some unexpected [...]


August 26th, 2020|0 Comments

Church Family, Last Sunday, Pastor Chuck taught us about how Paul [...]

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Brothers and Sisters, This past Sunday we were blessed by the preaching of our Executive Director of Collegiate Ministries, [...]


Church family, Last Sunday, Campus Missionary Shing Chow preached from Acts 11:19-30. Shing told us about our new identity [...]


Brothers and Sisters, Last Sunday, Brandon brought us the words of Acts 9:32-11:18. In this passage, the Lord clearly [...]


Church Family, Last Sunday, we heard of a dramatic display of the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ [...]

The Eunuch

Brothers and Sisters, Last Sunday, Pastor Chuck guided us through the passage of Acts 26-40, in which the gospel [...]

One Church

Brothers and Sisters, Through the indwelling Holy Spirit, we are one church under one King Jesus. Pastor Chuck leads [...]


Brothers and Sisters, Last Sunday, Pastor Chuck opened the book of Acts again to show us what it looks [...]

Open Arms

Brothers and Sisters, This past Sunday, we saw Jesus standing to receive Stephen, the first person to die for [...]

Crisis Averted

Brothers and sisters, This past Virtual Gathering, Chuck took us through the text of Acts 6:1-7, in which the [...]

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