Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday’s gathering included the perfect blend of truth and grace as Pastor Chuck preached about Proverb’s instructions on sex and sexuality. Please listen to it and then talk with a fellow brother or sister in Christ about whatever God brings up.

Knowing ahead of time the biblical passages (Proverbs 5, 6:20-35, 7) and topic we would be covering created a prayerful heart within me. Prayerful because our culture around us has a less than healthy view of sex and sexuality. If there was ever a time in history the church had an opportunity to offer healing and a better way, it is now! Sex has been misused, so my prayer has been that those who have been on the receiving end of that abuse can find healing in the arms of Christ and Christ’s people (the church). Also, I have been prayerful because God’s people have a wealth of grace-filled understanding that can genuinely help people. We, Church on Mill, can live wise in regards to sex, which would help the community see its beauty and create a more joyous and fulfilling humanity.

As Pastor Chuck demonstrated, the Bible is incredibly honest and open about sex. It celebrates, offers counsel, and gives guidance that ensures we will develop a transformative perspective on intimacy worthy of this gift from God within marriage (Proverbs 5). Remember, “It is impossible to live a wise life in 2016 without carefully formed convictions and habits of sex and sexuality.”

If God raised any issues in your life that need repentance, restoration, or guidance please don’t let embarrassment prevent you from seeking help. Our church exists to glorify God through lives changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ!  We’d love to walk with you as you seek healing in Christ.

Italy Prayer and Vision Trip

On March 5th a small team of members will be traveling to Italy for a Prayer and Vision trip. They will be working with one of our partner missionaries – Rob Krause of Serenissima Bible Church. Be in prayer for Chuck, Allison, and Kent as they seek how we can be passionately engaged in reaching the people of Italy and partnering with the current efforts of Rob and his team.

TGCAZ Women’s Conference (March 11-12)

Ladies don’t forget this wonderful opportunity to be encouraged spiritually just two weeks away!! Sign up now before another price increase on February 26.  If cost would prohibit you from attending please let Julie Mitchell know. We have a limited number of scholarships still available.  Wouldn’t it be delightful for every woman at Church on Mill to spend the weekend learning the whole story of the Bible and enjoying community with each other?!

Gospel Community Highlight

This week’s GC highlight is Todd and Amy Diehl’s group. Click (here) for more information about other groups. Remember, Gospel Communities aim to blend a rhythm of life around the power of the gospel, the love of Christian community, and passion of witnessing of Christ in mission.

Diehl GC:

Leaders: Todd & Amy Diehl

Cross streets: Southern and McClintock

GC Meetings: Every other Saturday at 5:00pm

Who we are serving: We are developing relationships with people in the Tempe community.

Grace be with you,

Bryan Jerry