///Work Smarter not Harder

Work Smarter not Harder

Brothers and Sisters,

As a result of our gathering time this Sunday, I trust your work (or studying, etc.) has been a bit more joyous and fulfilling this week.  The most freeing thing we learned from the sermon is that we work from our identity not for our identity (Rom 8:14-17).  Understanding that we have, by the gracious act of God, been made sons and daughters is truly freeing and causes our work to be a means by which we show our gratefulness (Col 3:23-24).  This is great news because all work is spiritual and an opportunity to bring attention to the goodness of God (1 Cor 10:31).

Ultimately we can work freely because Jesus work on the cross is a finished work!  Might you read (Titus 3:3-7) and thank God for his work through Christ and rejoice that we have been washed and renewed by the Holy Spirit.

Want to learn more?  Consider buying a few copies of “The Gospel at Work” and ask a member or two to read it with you and discuss your gleanings.  We’d love to hear your conclusions!

What about Baptism?

Ever considered being baptized?  Immediately following the sermon on March 20th Pastor Chuck will host a Q&A in the East Wing of the Auditorium.  Baptism is a massively significant part of a believers life and something we love to celebrate as a church family.  If you have never been baptized, are unsure about why you should be, or have no idea what baptism even is, join Pastor Chuck and other leaders for a quick 20-30 minute open forum conversation.  We’d love to hear your story and offer Scripture to consider.  Perhaps someone will end up wanting to get baptized on Easter!

Italy Prayer and Vision Trip

Please continue to pray for Pastor Chuck, Kent (Transition Team) and Allison (Resident to Youth Ministry) as they are traveling to Italy this weekend to encourage and support Rob Krause of Serenissima Bible Church.  Specifically pray for safe travels and a clear sense of how Church on Mill can partner with them to engage their community with the gospel.  Also, would your prayerfully ask God to give the team several moments to really encourage the missionaries that have been serving for 20+ years in this hard area.  Finally, pray for an outbreak of God’s Word so the gospel will be spread throughout barren Italy.

Gospel Community Highlight

This week’s highlight for Gospel Communities is the Heaton group that seeks to serve International Students connected with Life Among the Nations.  Please consider joining a (Gospel Community) if you do not already attend one because I am certain it will continually encourage and strengthen your relationship with the Lord and those who call Church on Mill home.

Heaton GC:

Leaders:  Bill & Andrea Heaton

Cross streets:  Near ASU

GC Meetings:  Every 2nd & 4th Sunday following the Worship Gathering (approximately 12:30pm)

Who we are serving:  We serve International students connected with Life Among the Nations.

Grace be with you,

Bryan Jerry

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