///Holiness = Happiness

Holiness = Happiness

Brothers and Sisters,

I hope your Sunday was enjoyable in celebrating your Fathers and for some of you being celebrated!  Pastor Tad reminded us this past Sunday that true happiness is and will always be linked to holiness.  J. I. Packer put it best that holiness is “taking God’s moral law as our rule and God’s incarnate Son as our guide.”  The blessed/happy man is one, according to Psalm 128:1, “who fears the Lord, who walks in his ways!”  Happiness is unattainable outside of heeding God’s word.  We often put a tension between the two thinking that to pursue holiness is a burden and somehow steals joy away from daily living.  This could not be farther from the truth.  Walking in the Lord’s ways is what actually fills daily living with joy.  Psalm 128 indicates that fearing the Lord and walking in his ways impacts work (128:2), marriage (128:3), children (128:3), and finally grandchildren (128:6).  It has a comprehensive positive affect upon our lives and ultimately brings happiness.  God’s ways are not burdensome but the guide towards happiness.  Perhaps this is exactly what Jesus is telling us with the Beatitudes (Matt 5:2-12).  Brothers and Sisters, may we be even more committed to our pursuit of God above all other things (Psalm 63).

As it is necessary to repair the waste of the body by the frequent meal, so we must repair the waste of the soul by feeding upon the Book of God, or by listening to the preached Word, or by the soul-fattening table of the ordinances.  How depressed are our graces when means are neglected!  What poor starvelings some saints are who live without the diligent use of the Word of God and secret prayer!

Charles Spurgeon, Morning and Evening: Jan 2

Youth Camp

This coming Monday June 27th the youth will head off to Summer Camp for a week of service and fun in Glorieta, New Mexico!  Youth camp is a great time to connect with God, enjoy friendships in the youth group, and serve the lost.  Please be in prayer for the students and leaders as they prepare this week and as they travel next week.

Faith and Family

The Arizona Diamondbacks on August 26th are putting on a Faith & Family Night.  It is a night of fun and fellowship with churches from all across Arizona to watch the D-Backs face the Cincinnati Reds and then enjoy a post-game concert by Matthew West.  A Diamondbacks player will share a testimony and have a few minutes of Q & A before the concert as well.  Church on Mill is reserving spots now for us to all enjoy fellowship together as a church family.  Tickets are $15.  See Tim Stokes if you are interested in attending.

Grace be with you,

Bryan Jerry

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