Dear Church Family,

1 Samuel 7:1-17

Last Sunday we saw that twenty years after the events of 1 Sam. 6 Israel finally comes to repent before God. Samuel calls them to put away their gods and foreign idols and to turn with all there hearts to God. In that moment the Philistines attack and the Israelites make a plea for God’s help. Samuel offers a sacrifice to God and the Lord defeats the Philistines and scatters them from Israel. As we look at this account we are reminded of the goodness of Christ, as we were in our most desperate moments God offered a sacrifice on our behalf, his only son, that saved us from destruction. What a great picture of the gospel we have in 1 Sam 7. You can check out the sermon here.

Easter & Good Friday Gatherings

Good Friday service will be April 19th at 6pm beginning with a soup dinner.

During Easter Sunday we will have our normal gatherings at 9:30 and 11:15. In between these gatherings there will be an Easter egg hunt out on the lawn for preschool and children.

Newcomer Open House

Join us at the Newcomer Open House for an informal time to get acquainted and ask questions over light refreshments. Whether you’ve visited once or attended for a while, we’d love to have you. The Open House is on April 14th from 5-7pm. It will take place off campus at 22 E. Bonita Way, Tempe, AZ 85281.

Your Brother in Christ,