Dear Church Family,

1 Samuel 8:1-22

Last Sunday we watched as Israel demanded a new king, one who would rule over them harshly like all the other nations. This king was very different from the king they were supposed to appoint as Deuteronomy 17 depicts. In the end Israel did not want to worship God, rather they wanted to be like all the other nations around them, so God gave them over to their desires as punishment. We rebel against the same God and appoint ourselves as kings and give ourselves over to the idols of the world. What good news that God in his mercy has broken us from the slavery of sin and now rules over us as a good king, a king who does not enslave but serves. You can check out the sermon here.

Good Friday & Easter Gatherings

Good Friday service will be April 19th at 6pm beginning with a soup dinner. We will be engaging in the Lord’s Supper so please prepare your hearts to come together and proclaim the death and resurrection of Christ.

Easter Sunday we will have our normal gatherings at 9:30 and 11:15. In between these gatherings there will be an Easter egg hunt out on the lawn for preschool and children.

Your Brother in Christ,